OTR-Reviews logo third draft

24 01 2007

Here is the third draft for the logo, with updates to colors to fit with the new theme at otr-reviews.com. I consider this to be a good release candidate 🙂 The thumbnail is a bit small, so click the link to see the full sized image 😉

1) The radio is supposed to have a wooden look here.

2) This one is supposed to work better with the blue theme of the site

3) All colors are shades of blue

OTR logo 3rd draft all colors
View full size

I’m thinking about leaving just one of the iPods in the final version, probably the one lying down, and making it a bit bigger. I also still need to add earphones for it, or maybe i shouldn’t?

Feel free to drop any comments and vote for your favorite.




One response

25 01 2007

hey again

I think I definitley like number 2 and three 3 more than number 1 but I am not sure if I can pick between the two! Actually.. I think I prefer 2 because of the color of the ipod looks better I think.

Yeah i think one ipod is better than two too and i think earphones could go in the space left by the missing second ipod.

good work!

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