CDisplay Icons v2 WIP

28 02 2007

These are still work in progress, so no .ico files just yet.

.cbz v2.1.1 wip

.cbz v2.1.2 wip

.cbz v2.2.1 wip

.cbz v2.2.2 wip


CDisplay Icons v1

26 02 2007

I realized that even after i put the icons back online, being the idiot that I am, I did not say anything about them being back online so…


.cbr blue
.cbr blue
.cbr gold
.cbz blue txt
.cbz blue
.cbz gold

Download here.

Let’s see how this digg thingy works…
Digg this if you like the icons, maybe it’ll help spread the word 🙂

Freshy Header

17 02 2007

Made a new header, works really well with the theme 😉

Freshy Theme

16 02 2007

So, I recently changed my theme from Contempt to Freshy and it is really refreshing (no pun intended). I like the new theme, but there are a couple of things that are bugging me:

  1. I can’t remove the top-left text, so when I put in my custom header, there will be one redundant eQuiNoXStudios;
  2. The date breaks the tables in some posts, or rather the posts which have little or no text before the table.

Other than that, it is a pretty nice theme. All I have to do now is make a new header and try to make more pretty drawings I guess. And put the CDisplay icons back online ^^;;

COLORplus logo and wallpapers

16 02 2007

Here are two versions of the logo I made for my father’s new company, plus wallpapers with each version of the logo.


COLORplus logo 1 COLORplus logo 2


OTR mp3 archive v2.2 COLORplus wallpaper 2

OTR-Reviews Header Winners

4 02 2007

The winning designs:

OTR mp3 archive v2.3

For the MP3 Archive, and:

OTR Header v5

For the Header.

They will be up on the site sometime tomorrow.

OTR-Reviews Header v4-v5

4 02 2007

New batch of stuff for OTR-Reviews. I actually had this stuff done yesterday but didn’t post them since it was my birthday 😀

Here are the MP3 Archive pics:

OTR mp3 archive v2.0 OTR mp3 archive v2.1
OTR mp3 archive v2.2 OTR mp3 archive v2.3

And here are the new header images:

OTR Header v4.0 OTR Header v4.5

OTR Header v5

These headers are influenced by the current header on the site, made by warlord0.