OTR Site Header

1 02 2007

Did a bunch of things yesterday, after BIGZIPZ’s enthusiastic reaction to this header:

OTR header v1

So I got to work, and made all of these:

OTR Header v2.1.1 OTR Header v2.2.1
OTR Header v2.1.2 OTR Header v2.2.2
OTR Header v2.1.3 OTR Header v2.2.3
OTR mp3 archive v1.1 OTR mp3 archive v1.2

Click to see full size.




3 responses

1 02 2007

hello again

That is my favourite of the big banners, would it be possible to rearrange the layout of the 3 lines of text so that the open sign doesn’t overlap any other text? It might also be an interesting experiment to make two copies of the file, one which has all the text flashing on and off at the same time, and one with the text flashing alternating between texts.

2 02 2007

OK, I’ll do that.
What about the MP3 Archive pictures? Any comments on those?

2 02 2007

Is my favourite of them, love the font and color. not sure about the placement though along the line… just doesn’t quite look right to me for some reason! good work!

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