OTR-Reviews Header v4-v5

4 02 2007

New batch of stuff for OTR-Reviews. I actually had this stuff done yesterday but didn’t post them since it was my birthday 😀

Here are the MP3 Archive pics:

OTR mp3 archive v2.0 OTR mp3 archive v2.1
OTR mp3 archive v2.2 OTR mp3 archive v2.3

And here are the new header images:

OTR Header v4.0 OTR Header v4.5

OTR Header v5

These headers are influenced by the current header on the site, made by warlord0.




2 responses

4 02 2007

Greetings, this is definitely the one for the archive: OTR_logo_ani_v2-3.gif.

I like OTR_header_ani_v4-1.gif and OTR_header_ani_v5.gif but I feel that the first one is a little too cluttered but the second one is just right. I can’t think of anything else that needs changing, can you?

4 02 2007

No I don’t think I have any more ideas.
All done then 🙂

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