CDisplay icons v2 (.cbr/.cbz) (blue)

15 03 2009

I finally decided to post some of the icons i made (v2) for .cbr/z files. These were made quite a long time ago, I just never really bothered putting them up.

Made to (hopefully) work with Vista’s huge icon support (not tested).

blue/white ico

Download here.




One response

10 12 2010
Roberto Lumbreras

I’m the debian maintainer of the package cbrpager, a comic book archive viewer for Linux. I’m looking for a freely distributable icon for cbrpager, and I’d like to use your blue-white_-_cbr.png image. I’ve seen in “legal stuff” that “All images and content are copyright © 2006-2010, eQuiNoX and eQuiNoXStudios. All rights reserved.”. For Debian that means that this image it is not free, so it’s not usable for Debian.

Would you agree of changing the license of this file to something “free” for Debian? (that means freely usable, modifiable and distributable). For more info, see

Roberto Lumbreras

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