CDisplay icons v2 (.cbr/.cbz) (orange)

15 03 2009

WOW. Two posts in one day. After a couple of years of nothing O.o

Anyway, same as with the other one, except these are with an orange speech bubble.

Download here.


CDisplay icons v2 (.cbr/.cbz) (blue)

15 03 2009

I finally decided to post some of the icons i made (v2) for .cbr/z files. These were made quite a long time ago, I just never really bothered putting them up.

Made to (hopefully) work with Vista’s huge icon support (not tested).

blue/white ico

Download here.

Kickbanned Comic Logo

21 03 2007

I made a few logos for the webcomic Kickbanned on and artist hawkwoof decided to use one of them 🙂 (#2 most likely)

Kickbanned logo 1 Kickbanned logo 2 Kickbanned logo 3

New Wallpapers: Mudflap (Truck) Girl v2 & x2

19 03 2007

Got two new wallpapers up:

Mudflap Girl Wallpaper w/ diamond plate
Mudflap Girl v2
Mudflap Girl x2 Wallpaper
Mudflap Girl x2

You can’t really see the difference between the previous one and v2 in the thumbs though 😉

New Wallpaper: Mudflap (Truck) Girl

17 03 2007

Here’s a wallpaper I wanted to make for a while now, but never really got around to it… ’till now.

Mudflap Girl Wallpaper

Enjoy 🙂

CDisplay Icons v2 WIP (Update)

2 03 2007

Here are some more previews of my CDisplay icons v2.

Expect to see much more bubble/text color combinations soon.