CDisplay icons v2 (.cbr/.cbz) (orange)

15 03 2009

WOW. Two posts in one day. After a couple of years of nothing O.o

Anyway, same as with the other one, except these are with an orange speech bubble.

Download here.


CDisplay icons v2 (.cbr/.cbz) (blue)

15 03 2009

I finally decided to post some of the icons i made (v2) for .cbr/z files. These were made quite a long time ago, I just never really bothered putting them up.

Made to (hopefully) work with Vista’s huge icon support (not tested).

blue/white ico

Download here.

CDisplay Icons v2 on hold, monitor problems

4 03 2007

I was supposed to finish the icons by today, that was my goal at least, but… my monitor decided to die yesterday 😦 so I’m gonna have to put them on hold until I get a new one, or maybe get the old one fixed.

CDisplay Icons v2 WIP (Update)

2 03 2007

Here are some more previews of my CDisplay icons v2.

Expect to see much more bubble/text color combinations soon.


CDisplay Icons v2 WIP

28 02 2007

These are still work in progress, so no .ico files just yet.

.cbz v2.1.1 wip

.cbz v2.1.2 wip

.cbz v2.2.1 wip

.cbz v2.2.2 wip

CDisplay Icons v1

26 02 2007

I realized that even after i put the icons back online, being the idiot that I am, I did not say anything about them being back online so…


.cbr blue
.cbr blue
.cbr gold
.cbz blue txt
.cbz blue
.cbz gold

Download here.

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