Kickbanned Comic Logo

21 03 2007

I made a few logos for the webcomic Kickbanned on and artist hawkwoof decided to use one of them 🙂 (#2 most likely)

Kickbanned logo 1 Kickbanned logo 2 Kickbanned logo 3

COLORplus logo and wallpapers

16 02 2007

Here are two versions of the logo I made for my father’s new company, plus wallpapers with each version of the logo.


COLORplus logo 1 COLORplus logo 2


OTR mp3 archive v2.2 COLORplus wallpaper 2

OTR-Reviews Header Winners

4 02 2007

The winning designs:

OTR mp3 archive v2.3

For the MP3 Archive, and:

OTR Header v5

For the Header.

They will be up on the site sometime tomorrow.

OTR-Reviews Header v4-v5

4 02 2007

New batch of stuff for OTR-Reviews. I actually had this stuff done yesterday but didn’t post them since it was my birthday 😀

Here are the MP3 Archive pics:

OTR mp3 archive v2.0 OTR mp3 archive v2.1
OTR mp3 archive v2.2 OTR mp3 archive v2.3

And here are the new header images:

OTR Header v4.0 OTR Header v4.5

OTR Header v5

These headers are influenced by the current header on the site, made by warlord0.

OTR Header (update)

2 02 2007

New stuff for OTR:

OTR header v3

OTR MP3 Archive v1.5

OTR Site Header

1 02 2007

Did a bunch of things yesterday, after BIGZIPZ’s enthusiastic reaction to this header:

OTR header v1

So I got to work, and made all of these:

OTR Header v2.1.1 OTR Header v2.2.1
OTR Header v2.1.2 OTR Header v2.2.2
OTR Header v2.1.3 OTR Header v2.2.3
OTR mp3 archive v1.1 OTR mp3 archive v1.2

Click to see full size.

OTR-Reviews logo third draft

24 01 2007

Here is the third draft for the logo, with updates to colors to fit with the new theme at I consider this to be a good release candidate 🙂 The thumbnail is a bit small, so click the link to see the full sized image 😉

1) The radio is supposed to have a wooden look here.

2) This one is supposed to work better with the blue theme of the site

3) All colors are shades of blue

OTR logo 3rd draft all colors
View full size

I’m thinking about leaving just one of the iPods in the final version, probably the one lying down, and making it a bit bigger. I also still need to add earphones for it, or maybe i shouldn’t?

Feel free to drop any comments and vote for your favorite.