CDisplay icons v2 (.cbr/.cbz) (orange)

15 03 2009

WOW. Two posts in one day. After a couple of years of nothing O.o

Anyway, same as with the other one, except these are with an orange speech bubble.

Download here.


CDisplay icons v2 (.cbr/.cbz) (blue)

15 03 2009

I finally decided to post some of the icons i made (v2) for .cbr/z files. These were made quite a long time ago, I just never really bothered putting them up.

Made to (hopefully) work with Vista’s huge icon support (not tested).

blue/white ico

Download here.

Monitor Update

15 03 2007

Got my monitor fixed today, I’ll try to finish the CDisplay icons by Monday.

CDisplay Icons v2 on hold, monitor problems

4 03 2007

I was supposed to finish the icons by today, that was my goal at least, but… my monitor decided to die yesterday 😦 so I’m gonna have to put them on hold until I get a new one, or maybe get the old one fixed.

Freshy Header

17 02 2007

Made a new header, works really well with the theme 😉

Freshy Theme

16 02 2007

So, I recently changed my theme from Contempt to Freshy and it is really refreshing (no pun intended). I like the new theme, but there are a couple of things that are bugging me:

  1. I can’t remove the top-left text, so when I put in my custom header, there will be one redundant eQuiNoXStudios;
  2. The date breaks the tables in some posts, or rather the posts which have little or no text before the table.

Other than that, it is a pretty nice theme. All I have to do now is make a new header and try to make more pretty drawings I guess. And put the CDisplay icons back online ^^;;

Crisp header image

25 01 2007

Since I haven’t been on much in the last few months, yesterday I decided to give the header image another chance. So I went to Dashboard >> Presentation >> Custom Image Header and saw this:

Custom Header Upload Page


and was pleasantly surprised.

So i went ahead and re-uploaded my header, still having some reservations that it won’t be edited. After hitting Upload I got the message that my header has been updated and a recommendation to view the site. So I did. And then I saw it. The header image in all its unaltered glory.

So, after all the trouble with the custom header in the past, it now looks perfect. Yay! 😀