New Wallpapers: Mudflap (Truck) Girl v2 & x2

19 03 2007

Got two new wallpapers up:

Mudflap Girl Wallpaper w/ diamond plate
Mudflap Girl v2
Mudflap Girl x2 Wallpaper
Mudflap Girl x2

You can’t really see the difference between the previous one and v2 in the thumbs though 😉


New Wallpaper: Mudflap (Truck) Girl

17 03 2007

Here’s a wallpaper I wanted to make for a while now, but never really got around to it… ’till now.

Mudflap Girl Wallpaper

Enjoy 🙂

COLORplus logo and wallpapers

16 02 2007

Here are two versions of the logo I made for my father’s new company, plus wallpapers with each version of the logo.


COLORplus logo 1 COLORplus logo 2


OTR mp3 archive v2.2 COLORplus wallpaper 2

Updated/New Wallpapers

31 08 2006

Updated the Ultimate Spider-Man wallpapers with the new site, and made 1280×1024 pix versions. Also made 1280 versions of both Binary People wallpapers.


Binary People wallpapers

28 08 2006

New wallpapers up. Simple text on a black bg reads: ‘There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don’t.’

The binary code in the background is the same text… in binary.

Two versions: one b/w and the other green text on a black bg for a Matrix-like feel (I know it’s out of style, but it couldn’t be helped).


Working on wallpapers

28 08 2006

Once i manage to make a better looking version of the header (which should be an easy fix), I’ll do 1280×1024 versions of the wallpapers already posted and also update the current ones with this site in the credit line.

If not tomorrow, they’ll be up the day after.

First Wallpapers to hit the stands

21 08 2006

The first wallpapers are now up. Two wallpapers with an Ultimate Spider-Man theme to them, one a small variation of the other. Check them out in the Wallpapers section.